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Spices & SeasoningsSpices & Seasonings

Frisco Spices offers the best variety and freshest spices and seasonings. All of our sausage seasonings and blended spices are made in house, we blend small batches to ensure fresh product at all times. We care about our customers and strive to always be ready to ship out the freshest spices possible. Give us a try- you will be satisfied with all of our products.

Fishing SuppliesFishing Supplies

Our fishing products category hold some of the greatest fish cleaning tools and seasonings to make your fishing trip a success. Our seasonings have been tested by our customers and have been sold for many years. We are constantly testing new products to make your fishing experience more enjoyable. Just click Fishing Supplies to check out these fabulous products we offer.

Sausage MakingSausage Making

We added this section for all you Hunters out there. When you click the Sausage Making window on our site you won’t need to go anywhere else to get all you need to process your own wild game into the finest sausages. All of our recipes come complete with instructions and tips on how to use them. Just call us if you need help getting started.


Sausage & Jerky Making Supplies & Meat Seasonings

With decades in the spice, cooking, and sausage making business, Frisco Spices are the spice specialists.

In 1928 E.G. Fransiscus started the company in his father's garage. After three years of providing high quality seasonings and food processing equipment in the Omaha area, he realized he needed more space. In 1931 the company was moved to a building near downtown Omaha at 421 South 12th Street. Business was brisk and in 1945 E.G. still needed more space so he moved the company to 517 South 13th Street. In 1958 E.G.'s son Nick came home from the service and started work with his Father. In 1971 Nick took the reigns and continued the tradition set by his Father. In 1993 Nick Fransiscus and Mike Pullen merged to carry on the business in a much larger scale which allowed us to carry more items while keeping the freshest quality available. In 2000 we realized to better serve our valued customers, we needed to expand to the world of the Internet.

We carry everything you need to season and process your meat. If you’re looking for sausage mixes, sausage seasonings, venison sausage seasonings, meat grinders, sausage stuffers and jerky slicers, you’ve come to the right place. At Frisco Spices we can also give helpful advice on processing your own venison and show you how to make deer/venison sausage or deer/venison jerky. If you have meat that you’d like to turn into sausage or jerky or you’d like to spice it up, Frisco Spices has everything you need. We carry all types of spices for beef, pork, chicken, venison or any game of your choice. Frisco Spices carries more than spices, seasonings, meat grinders, sausage stuffers and jerky slicers. We have cookbooks, butchering supplies, dehydrators, pressure cookers and so much more.

We carry the best products that are made from the freshest ingredients. Frisco Spices also offers wholesale spices and seasonings. If you’re looking for seasonings and mix’s to spice up your sausage, venison sausage, jerky or any other meat, Frisco Spices has what you need to make the tastiest meat products. With Frisco Spices products you can not only season your meat but also process, case, stuff and slice it. Everything you need, Frisco Spices carries. We appreciate you visiting our website. Please take some time to click around and check out all of the products Frisco Spices has to offer. If you find yourself with any questions about our company or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 402-339-0550 or 800-762-6689.

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